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February 1, 2023


Heuback Luxury WoodThe Heubach Group, a provider of comprehensive colour solutions, has launched their latest advanced pigment preparations for luxurious wood finishes. An optimal solution for tinting natural wood stains and oils that are derived from oils such as linseed. As such Hostatint SA preparations do not require special labelling, making them perfect to replace traditional dyes.
With low viscosity, advanced sedimentation behaviour, high tinting strength and consistent quality, they are easy to handle and restrict migration into waterborne or solvent borne topcoats.
“Unlike any other material, natural wood can create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. It is extremely versatile and has been described as ‘the new concrete’, used for everything from new building structures and façade cladding to green space fencing and interior decoration. Hostatint SA helps to maintain, preserve and enhance this common building material with your colour of choice,” said Alexander Wörndle, global technical marketing coatings at Heubach.
In addition to this new product line, Heubach offers further pigment preparations lines for wood coatings—from traditional to contemporary shades.
The recently re-formulated Hostatint UV 100 product range is the next generation of high-performance colourants for UV cured wood coatings. This new version is especially designed for industrial coatings and wood finishes and has been engineered without the inclusion of Hexandioldiacrylate (HDDA); it allows for compliance with requirements of major furniture and consumer goods producers.
Hostafine, based on non-ionic dispersing and wetting agents and glycol, is designed for water-based wood treatments and dye replacement offering superior fastness and outstanding transparency for furniture and flooring while the water-based Colanyl 100 offers a huge colour range ideal for furniture.
The new Licosperse pigment preparations for sustainable wood coatings, polishes, and other oil-or wax-based products were launched in 2021. The portfolio comprises brilliant shades from traditional to eye-catching, is made without the use of heavy metals and resin free, non-toxic and non-flammable. Additionally, the ready-to-use blends help to save time and money in the colouration process.

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Feature Video: Turn Your Smart Phone into a Virtual Inspection Instrument

CFCM BM Colour Trends 2023 400This video by DeFelsko highlights the benefits of the PosiTector SmartLink when paired with a PosiTector 6000, DPM, SPG, or RTR H probe. Turn your Apple or Android device into a multi-functional, virtual inspection instrument and take advantage of powerful smartphone features.

DeFelsko has also recently launched a new gloss meter for the PosiTector.

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CFCM slingpsychrometer 400Paul N. Gardner USA, global distributors, producers, and designers of quality physical and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings, and related industries, has introduced a new offering: The compact, portable Sling Psychrometer.

As an easy way to measure relative humidity levels quickly, this uniquely compact Bacharach Sling Psychrometer accurately determines per cent relative humidity without the necessity of consulting complex tables. There is no need to wet the wick each time a reading is taken, and it contains a slide rule calculator which correlates wet and dry bulb thermometer indications for direct reading of relative humidity. When not in use, the thermometer case telescopes into the handle for protection.

The Sling Psychrometer consists of two thermometers that are turned by vigorously swinging the handle and exposing the thermometers to rapid air movement. These two thermometers are called dry bulb and wet bulb. The bulb of one thermometer is placed in direct contact with the room air to measure dry-bulb air temperature. The bulb of the other thermometer is covered with a silk or muslin sleeve that is kept moist to record the wet bulb temperature. Evaporation cools the wet bulb more than the dry bulb, and the humidity is obtained as a function of change in temperature. The atmospheric humidity is determined by calculations, steam tables, or using a psychrometric chart.  

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