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July 20, 2021

Norton Saint Gobain AbrasivesNorton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced more than 10 new Farécla compounds and wool pads it says works for a range of industrial markets, especially in marine and composite applications. The line includes cutting, polishing and finishing compounds, as well as application accessories designed to enhance the shine on painted surfaces, gel coats and wood lacquers.

“We are very pleased to offer an expanded Farécla line of compounds, enabling our major marine manufacturer customers to eliminate several process steps, that can save over $30,000 annually,” says Craig Chaffee, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives Product Manager. “Also, the Farécla line is water-based, so users are realizing significant cleaning cost savings when compared with using harder to clean oil/ filler based compounds which need to be sent out to expensive laundering services. Farécla application pads have a longer life due to less harsh cleaning requirements.”

For gel coats or painted finish surfaces, a new Profile Premium Liquid Compound is ideal for removing sanding marks of P1200 and finer. Profile Premium Coarse Cut Paste has been added to the line for gel coat surfaces to remove sanding marks up to P800, while leaving a high gloss finish.

For a “liquid sandpaper” solution, the expanded Farécla line now includes Profile Extra Coarse Cut Paste which is designed for aggressive compounding on tough resins and gel coats, removing up to P600 sanding marks and leaving a low level shine. Profile Extra Coarse Cut Paste is suitable for stone, granite and other solid surfaces. New Profile 300 Rapid Cut Compound is a versatile, mid-range, high gloss-compound capable of removing dry abrasive marks from P1000-P1200, and restores the gloss and color to virtually any gel coated or painted surface.

When protecting surfaces, new Profile Rapid Detailer & Wax is a fast liquid spray which can be used to obtain a “just waxed” appearance or applied for a quick clean, leaving a high gloss finish. It will not remove previously applied polishes or waxes which are providing continuous protection. Also, new Profile Polymer UV Wax is quick and easy to use in a sprayable formulation, exceptionally beneficial when working on large surfaces such as on boats, vans, trucks and planes. The new wax delivers a high-gloss, even finish with transparency on dark surfaces. Extremely durable, the protective coating it creates repels many common contaminants and is highly water resistant.

New wool back-up pads are also being offered and are part of a full complementary line of back-up pads that also include dimple, and waffle configurations. To improve the cut on certain compounds, the Farécla line now has an 8-inch US Advanced Compounding Wool Pad and three 8-inch G-Mop Buffing Wool Pads in lambswool, double-sided wool and single-sided red waffle types. The Farécla line also includes three inch and eight-inch foam pads.

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Feature Video: DeVilbiss TEKNA Gun Flexes on Muscle Car Show

CFCM TeknaGun 400

Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ DeVilbiss TEKNA spray gun was recently featured on an episode of Detroit Muscle on Power Nation TV to bring a 1973 AMC Javelin back to life. Featuring a high finish quality and operator ergonomics, The TEKNA gun’s high transfer efficiency provides materials savings for solvent or waterbase paints.

The spray gun technology, which has been used in automotive refinishing processes for many years, is designed to spray all types of materials and comes with high efficiency or HVLP air caps that produce large spray patterns with even material distribution.


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New Digital Solution Helps Customers Bring Colours to Life

AkzoNobel 3D colour visualization tool
AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has developed a new web application 3D colour visualization tool within its Interpon webshop to help customers better understand how a powder coating’s colour, texture and finish that look good in theory, will actually appear in reality. 

The tool provides instant access to thousands of colours in the Interpon range. Using a 360-degree dynamic camera and simulated lighting, the customer is given a true-to-life image of how the colour performs to a degree of accuracy and realism not possible before in a virtual environment.  

Rather than the image being ‘flat’, the customer can orientate the ‘virtual’ panel to see how the light reflects and the colour looks from different angles.  
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