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February 25, 2021

CAS Industrial HeaterCast Aluminum Solutions (CAS) – a supplier of industrial heating devices for specialized chemical and water processing applications including paint ingredients, solvents, and other key chemicals, recently launched its new CAST-X High Temperature Heater line.

CAST-X High Temp Heaters feature operating temps to 1110 deg. F (600 deg. C). Very few industrial heaters feature operating temperatures in this range, CAS says, adding the line can heat flammable liquids and gases, another rare feature.

CAST-X High Temp can safely heat solvents, IPA (isopropyl alcohol), disinfecting agents, acetone, pentane, ammonia, and other low-flashpoint liquids. Process gases such as nitrogen, argon, CO and CO2 are also well-suited for these heaters, even if they’re under high-pressure or in a cryogenic state. DI Water is also commonly heated using CAST-X Heaters, and if needed, steam can be generated.

CAST-X High Temp Heaters are an easily-integrated inline heater with common flow-tube sizes, and compatibility with most worldwide voltages. They’re available in two sizes.

A no contact design means the heated media never contacts the heating elements. Heated media (liquid or gas) flows through a stainless steel or Inconel flow-tube, cast in the heater body, into which high-performance heat elements are also integrated.

Many of today’s advanced chemical reactions and catalytic transformation processes require higher than normal temperatures, and the new line is designed to fit those thermal requirements, CAS says.

“The CAST-X Heater has always been favored by chemists requiring high-purity heating, or heating of flammable media,” says Jeffrey Awe, Global Marketing Director at CAS. “With CAST-X HT offering temperatures to 600 deg.C, the potential market for this heater family is expanded significantly.”

Jerry Carlson, Divisional Vice President adds, “The CAST-X High Temp line occupies a unique position in the chemical heating marketplace. It combines the safety and purity of an isolated fluid path, with the high operating temps demanded by today’s advanced applications.”

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