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April 27, 2023



Tolsa Fireproof AdditiveTolsa SA, based in Madrid, a leading global supplier of specialized additives for the paints and coatings industry, reports growing use of its ADINS Fireproof additives for intumescent paints and coatings applications. ADINS Fireproof delivers exceptional flame-resistant performance for a range of intumescent coatings systems including vinyl toluene acrylics, styrene acrylics, silicone acrylics, fluoropolymers, epoxies, urethanes, and chlorinated rubber. 

“We’ve seen widespread acceptance of our ADINS Fireproof solutions, particularly in intumescent coatings where our environmentally friendly additives provide strong flame- retardant performance,” said Dr. Antonio Esteban, Tolsa’s chief research and technological innovation officer.  

Intumescent coatings are special formulations that act as a protective barrier against fire. Most recently, customers have experienced positive results with the use of ADINS Fireproof. There is demand for intumescent coatings in specialty coatings sub-segments such as marine, transportation, onshore/offshore oil and gas production, and new industrial and commercial construction. Intumescent paints are increasingly used to protect spherical structures containing natural gas, peroxides, and other chemicals. 

Most noteworthy, in new construction of commercial buildings, intumescent coatings incorporate flame-retardant chemicals to achieve two distinct industry efficacy ratings. The first measures flame spread, or how effectively the coating limits flammability (according to ASTM E84). The second rating demonstrates coating efficacy for delaying and resisting the effects of fire. 

ADINS Fireproof materials are ceramifying additives based on a natural silicate activated with phosphate compounds. The modified silicate has a low melting point glass. ADINS Fireproof synergists are used in combination with a broad range of flame-retardant additives. Depending on the nature of the coating, the recommended Fireproof grade is different, but there is an ADINS Fireproof additive for each coating formulation. 

These additives also deliver a range of performance benefits including improved thermal stabilization, creation of a heat barrier to protect the surface from burning, reduction of the emission of organic flammable volatile compounds, and reduction of oxygen penetration into the decomposition zone. 

ADINS significantly reduce the rate of flame spread on the surface of a material to which it has been applied. They also resist ignition when exposed to high temperatures and insulate a substrate to which it has been applied (ASTM D 16). 

Fireproof additives are composed of more than 70 per cent natural ingredients. They are an environmentally friendly solution for paint applications still complying with standard regulations.

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