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March 22nd, 2022

CFCM Orion Carbon Black Guide 400Orion Engineered Carbons is launching its new “Carbon Black Guide” and showcasing its ultra-high-jet pigments for automotive coatings at the American Coatings Show (ACS).

In addition, Orion (Booth #1660) is highlighting: NEROX grades for industrial coatings of all jetness levels and its newest conductive black for coatings applications, PRINTEX kappa 70. ACS takes place April 5-7 in Indianapolis.

New Carbon Black Guide

Featuring 34 of Orion’s most popular carbon blacks for coatings, the “Carbon Black Guide” gives paint formulators a visual sense of the shades they can achieve with different grades. Color chips in the guide show the shades each grade imparts in three coatings types – solid, white blend and alkyd enamel – and details relevant coloristic properties.

“Our new Carbon Black Guide gives formulators an initial visual impression for the color possibilities, making their selection process easier and faster,” said Markus Mahn, director global marketing coatings, Specialty Carbon Black at Orion. “We want to show formulators the many shades of black available, and how our wide range of high-performing carbon blacks can help them create their desired look.”

Mahn said the guide will also be useful to R&D teams as they work to optimize the applications of each grade and develop new ones.

Automotive Coatings

Among the deepest blacks on the market, Orion’s high jet COLOUR BLACK FW 310 and COLOUR BLACK FW 255 grades impart “ultimate blackness” for automotive coatings.

COLOUR BLACK FW 310 generates Orion’s highest jetness values with a deep blue undertone. Compatible with water-borne, solvent-borne and high solid applications, it is an excellent choice for automotive OEM basecoats and refinish coatings plus high-end industrial applications.

COLOUR BLACK FW 255, an after-treated specialty carbon black, offers a balance of coloristic properties and is ideal for a wide range of high-jet applications.

“We continue to strive for the ultimate black and to provide paint formulators with the deepest black in any coating application,” said Jennifer Stroh, Ph.D., director of sales and marketing, Specialties Americas, at Orion.

Industrial Coatings

For industrial coatings, Orion is highlighting two grades in addition to PRINTEX kappa 70. They enable coatings producers to create varying jetness levels, shades and color-depths.

NEROX® 1000 is suitable for industrial applications requiring low and medium jetness and low viscosity, even at high concentration.

NEROX® 605 features high jetness, blue undertone and stable dispersion.

Conductive Coatings

Originally created for use in polymers, PRINTEX kappa 70 conductive black beads:

Offer better dispersion properties than competitive pigments with the same level of conductivity.

Are geared for industrial applications, such as epoxy dissipative electrostatic floors, that require low or medium conductivity and anti-static properties.

Orion also is highlighting PRINTEX XE2 B beads, its highest conductive carbon black. PRINTEX XE2 B imparts high conductivity and anti-static properties to primers for automotive parts, and in outer space.

Reflecting Orion’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible coatings, Orion offers all pigments for use in water-borne coating systems.

“While we commit to sustainable growth with minimal environmental impact,” Stroh said, “we also help our customers meet their environmental protection and sustainability targets.”

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