Sherwin-Williams, through its Product Finishes Division, has introduced KEM Aqua 3001, a waterborne acrylic topcoat for application on vinyl windows, trim, shutters and doors. “When gloss and color retention are important in a heat-sensitive substrate, KEM Aqua 3001 provides an excellent solution,” said David Calabra, director of marketing. “This coating is designed to meet AAMA 613 performance requirements for organic coatings on plastic profiles.” Available in satin and semi-gloss sheens, KEM Aqua 3001 can be used on heat-sensitive vinyl building products such as windows, shutters, doors, and trim in multifamily and residential new construction projects as well as the remodel/replacement windows segment. It utilizes a proprietary solar reflective technology to reduce heat buildup (HBU) across a wide range of colors. HBU can result in deformation, warping, or ‘oil canning,’ and in general, darker shades are at greater risk to experience HBU. Said Calabra, “We know that more homeowners are expressing personal style with darker colors in windows. Our solar reflective coating allows OEMs to expand their palette to meet this demand without sacrificing performance.” The fast-drying coating can be applied direct to the substrate with one coat, or two for added performance.