SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/edwardmason/Documents/CFCM%20Paint%20Products.doc Sherwin-Williams has introduced KEM AQUAFluor 5001 and 5002, premium waterborne coatings formulated with Kynar Aquatec polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. Vinyl window OEMs, extruders and job shops that apply finishes can use this to deliver excellent weatherability and reduce excessive heat buildup across all colors with a new formulation. “Our customers can expect this coating system to outperform alternatives,” said David Calabra, director of marketing. “Formulated with Kynar Aquatec resin, our coating is designed to meet the rigid AAMA 615 requirements for Superior Performance coatings on plastic profiles, which includes a 10-year South Florida weathering requirement for color and gloss.” AAMA 615 is the most rigorous of three progressively stringent standards outlining performance criteria for plastic profile coatings. Calabra said vinyl window profiles are a growing market in both new construction and remodeling. In the residential segment, customers are seeking to express themselves in their homes’ exteriors with non-white colors and finishes. Homeowners and commercial window customers, he pointed out, value the energy-efficient and cost-effective properties of vinyl. KEM AQUAFluor 5001 is a single-component, waterborne product, while KEM AQUAFluor 5002 product requires mixing of two components. They provide additional scratch and mar resistance to withstand the rigors of cutting, punching and machining window extrusions (lineals) after finishing. This reduces the potential for damage during shipment and installation. Both products are formulated with solar reflective technology designed to reduce heat buildup in dark colors. Other benefits include inherent mold and mildew resistance, as well as enhanced resistance to rain, chemicals, dirt pick-up and detergents. Both products can be applied direct to substrate using conventional, airless, air-assisted or HVLP spray equipment.