Orion Engineered Carbons has new carbon black pigments for water-borne, solvent-borne, powder and conductive coatings. These are Colour Black FW 255; Special Black 40; Colour Black FW 171 and XPB 545. Colour black FW 255 pigment, the first launch of this product generation, is claimed to offer high jetness, coloristic performance, and compatibility with both water-borne and solvent-borne systems. Colour Black FW 255 enables formulators to maintain performance and coloristic properties while migrating to water-borne formulations. It is especially suited for automotive OEM and refinish systems. Special Black 40 is for medium- to high-jet coatings, and is said to set a new standard for dispersibility and stability in industrial applications. It works in all coating formulations – solvent-based, water-based, high solids and powder coatings – providing formulators with broad flexibility. Colour Black 171 is for water-borne and powder coatings, and is stated to offer excellent stability, a distinct bluish undertone and superior jetness in both water-borne and powder coatings. Its coloristic results and stability recommend it for water-borne OEM automotive formulations, refinish and high-performance industrial coatings systems. Carbon Black XPB 545 is claimed to offer a superior combination of properties for anti-static and conductive coatings. It meets or exceeds performance requirements for conductivity, dispersibility and cleanliness, at lower concentrations than conventional conductive carbon blacks. It can also create a coating film with deep jetness and high gloss. www.orioncarbons.com