Michelman’s new Michem Wood Coating 44 is a water-based surface additive for use in exterior wood stains and sealants. The company says it helps produce wood coatings with excellent weatherability characteristics. This topical wood treatment is a low-VOC and environmentally responsible solution that imparts outstanding water beading, along with outstanding water and swell resistance. Michem Wood Coating 44 penetrates deep into wood substrates and poses no re-coatability issues, so a second or third layer can be easily applied. With its superior water-resistant properties, the new additive improves surface aesthetics by slowing mold and fungal growth, and improving color integrity. Michem Wood Coating 44 also produces a natural surface appearance and is particularly suitable for softwood as well as extending the look and use of outdoor wood furniture. The easy-to-use exterior wood treatment is based on naturally occurring products. It is the latest addition to Michelman’s family of low-VOC Michem wood-coating solutions. www.Michelman.com