A new water-based primer from AkzoNobel can be applied in the pre-treatment stage, allowing users to be more cost competitive in the market. It reduces materials handling and conversion costs by turning a double-pass line into a single-pass line. “AkzoNobel’s strategic ambition is to deliver a world-beating innovation and product portfolio”, says Dominique Fort, marketing director, AkzoNobel Metal Coatings. “Our strategy is focused on delivering a combination of innovations that provide differentiated performance and value-driven benefits for our customers. The new water-based primer is a great example of how this strategy is being implemented”. The primer can be applied in the pre-treatment stage of the traditional chemcoaters and is cured at a temperature of 80 deg. C. “Our new pre-treatmentless primer technology enables a mono-bake satellite coil line to achieve a two-coats paint system in a single pass and as a result to double the capacity”, said Rob Lagendijk, RD&I director, AkzoNobel Metal Coatings. “Moreover, it helps to reduce energy consumption which is in line with our strategy to provide our customers with more sustainable products and deliver more value from fewer resources.” www.akzonobel.com