Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 TURBO, the latest addition to the company’s Enduro-Flex portfolio of finishing flap discs. This incorporates Walter’s proprietary Cyclone technology that contains a blend of self-sharpening grains and cooling agents and provides ultra-high removal and blending rates without causing surface discoloration. It is designed for steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabricators. The Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 TURBO also uses Blendex technology that allows for smoother surface conditioning. With these added features, operators can eliminate the need to switch between multiple abrasives to achieve the desired finish. Jonathan Douville, product manager for Walter Surface Technologies, explains, “There is a growing demand for one-step solutions in the prep-to-paint steel market, and Walter is the first company to incorporate both speed and surface conditioning technology into a single flap disc.” Compared to a multiple-step application process for weld removal and paint-to-prep finishing, the company says the Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 TURBO helps metal fabricators cut operational costs, reduces abrasives change over and boosts removal rate times, resulting in substantial long-term cost savings. It is available in 4-1/2-in and 5-in. flap discs.