The Fischerscope UMP 20, 40 and 100 ultrasonic corrosion gauges are tools for wall thickness measurement. The gauges quickly and accurately measure, metal, plastic, composites, rubber, glass, fiberglass, and ceramics. Common applications include pipes, storage tanks, and pressure vessels.  With a wide variety of transducers and features available, the company says there is a UMP gauge to suit every budget and handle almost any requirement. Upgrades are available, and can be activated in th UMP via keypad entry. The UMP 150 ultrasonic precision thickness gauge allows for accurate, non-destructive measurement of very thin materials. Like the UMP 20-40-100 series, it is easy to use and measures metal, plastic, composites, rubber, glass, fiberglass, and ceramics.  Utilizing single-poled transducers and a high-frequency square wave generator (30 MHz), it ensures resolution of 1 µm, and has a wide measuring range of 0.004 in. to 20 in. Dual-element transducers offer reliable results even on rough, corroded surfaces. The measurement range is from 0.5 to 500mm. Zero-point adjustment provides reliable measurements even after frequent use and/or at fluctuating temperatures, and there is a two-point calibration function. The units come with a DKS-537 probe (5 MHz). Other probes are available, some suitable for use at high temperatures.