TBF Environmental Technology Inc. is commercially launching BerdeSol, the company’s latest volatile organic content (VOC)-compliant alternative.This follows its launching of ShiraSol and KradaSol.   BerdeSol can replace slow-evaporating conventional solvents like heptane, aromatic 100, cyclohexane, methyl amyl ketone (MAK), perchloroethylene, and butyl acetate. Not only does BerdeSol perform similarly to these solvents, it also eliminates the emission of VOCs and other toxic pollutants. In its efforts to improve Southern Californian air quality, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has created a new class of clean air solvents (CAS) for solvents which, among other criteria, contain no more than 25 grams of VOC per liter of material. SCAQMD has certified BerdeSol as one. Independent ASTM 313-91 testing, the company adds, has confirmed BerdeSol is VOC-compliant throughout the US and Canada. “The chemical industry has been waiting a long time for industrial solvents that perform effectively yet meet the VOC content limits of SCAQMD, the EPA and other air quality regulators,” said David W. Rowat, CEO of TBF Environmental. “Our new products provide alternatives, which are effective and compliant.” www.tbfenvironmental.com