Dow Coating Materials has introduced ROVACE 10, a new vinyl acrylic binder.Developed with both the formulator and contractor in mind, this low-volatile organic compound (VOC) technology for flat to semi-gloss interior paints is said to offer excellent manufacturing capabilities. For formulators, the flexibility of ROVACE 10 emulsion helps reduce the number of considerations factored into a paint formulation to help meet different quality points across paint lines. For example, the emulsion may be added during the grind stage without any adverse effects on property performance.  “While some binders’ rigidity are suited best for one type of paint, the manufacturing flexibility of ROVACE 10 emulsion allows formulators the option to combine this technology into a broad range of paints with varied pigment volume concentrations (PVC), including: premium and mid-tone flat paints for new construction, quality satin finish formulations and semi-gloss blends,” said Linda Adamson, technical service manager, Dow Coating Materials. The flexibility of the material also offers excellent processing capabilities for easy pumping and handling. For paint contractors, it offers good spray application and touch-up in starting point formulations. At 55 percent solids, this new technology is APEO-free and solvent-free, and can meet the growing demands of consumers and retailers. In formulated paints, ROVACE 10 Emulsion has also undergone testing to show it can be formulated to meet MPI specifications #44, #53, and #143. For enhanced performance while maintaining low-VOC, it may be used with ACRYSOL RM-725 rheology modifier, an easy-pouring associative thickener that provides better applied hiding, enhanced surface appearance and better touch-up. This APEO-free, solvent-free HEUR offers excellent sag-flow balance when combined with ROVACE 10 emulsion.