The new heated perforated vacuum bed table from Paul N. Gardner Co. can be used to create smooth and consistent thin films of paint, lacquers and other materials on sample specimen such as opacity test charts, sample panels, foils or other flat substrates. The table is made of hard aluminum and anodized in hardcoat flat black to provide a durable and inert surface with an absolute flatness. The surface is perforated with a grid of small holes which hold the test specimen in position for proper drawdown when attached to a vacuum pump or line (not included). The table has a built-in heating mat which allows its temperature to be elevated up to 100 deg. C above ambient temperature. The powerful heating device guarantees an even distribution of the temperature over the entire vacuum plate. The heat level is set and controlled through a digital temperature controller. Unlike with the automatic film applicator, films are applied manually using a variety of applicators such as block-applicators, Baker-applicators, bar-coaters and wire wound rods, Bird-applicator, quadruple applicators, Biddle duplex applicators, System Wasag, casting knife and micrometric film applicators. The durable, inert surface offers an absolute flatness to be used with charts, foils, panels and other flat surfaces. There is even temperature distribution and digital temperature control, and vacuum keeps the test specimen in position.