Tesla NanoCoatings has announced development of a breakthrough wet-on-wet application process for Teslan primer and topcoats, a step it says strengthens the company’s position in carbon nanotube corrosion-protection technology. Named 2×1 Wet Edge, the process is claimed to deliver major time and cost savings along with technologically advanced corrosion protection advantages. Now, applicators can proceed to Teslan 3000 and 3100 topcoats immediately after applying Teslan 1101 primer, thus saving up to 50 percent of the time and money required for conventional three-coat painting. The company developed 2×1 Wet Edge for the oil and gas industry and other industries in harsh, corrosive environments. It says the process is particularly valuable in offshore oil and gas surface and subsea operations as well as refineries and petrochemical plants. “Our 2×1 Wet Edge process offers double the corrosion protection at approximately half of the cost compared to all other products on the market today,” said Tesla NanoCoatings president Todd Hawkins. “As we work with our customers, we continue to gain more and more understanding about their corrosion challenges. The advantages of a same-day, two-coat system, compared to the old three-coat products, are tremendous pluses for those facing the demands of minimal downtime and reduced maintenance budgets.” He added that it allows for fast wet-on-wet application of topcoat over uncured primer. “Our development team has NACE III, SSPC C1 and C2 and other certifications along with vast experience in the challenges of growing maintenance backlogs amid reduced resources for the fight against corrosion. Our knowledge and experience blend with our carbon nanotechnology formulations to make Teslan 2×1 Wet Edge the best process for today’s harshest, maintenance-critical corrosive environments.” www.teslanano.com