TCI Powder Coatings, a subsidiary of RPM International, and BASF have entered into an agreement that allows TCI to sell the BASF CathoGuard electrocoat technology to specified TCI market segments. According to Jack Bostock, TCI vice-president of sales and marketing, this alliance builds on TCI’s commitment to market differentiation. “Pairing the CathoGuard technology series with our premium powder coatings is a win-win for customers looking for performance,” he said. “By delivering an innovative solution that meets global standards, we will make a significant difference for our customers’ production lines, helping them increase throughput while reducing costs.” The BASF CathoGuard coating combines performance qualities for parts that are more difficult to paint efficiently, including those with multiple angles and crevices. CathoGuard, the company says, improves the application process as well as coverage and corrosion edge protection while lowering total material costs by nearly 20 percent. TCI market segments with access to this technology through the new alliance include off-road and heavy equipment, general finishing, office furniture, and appliances. CathoGuard will also be available to custom coaters that supply major subassemblies and modular components for the automotive market. “We’re very pleased that TCI can deliver our innovative product line more broadly to their customers,” said Thaddeus Lepkowski, BASF tier metals market manager. “The chemistry in our CathoGuard coating achieves a flawless coat on hard-to-paint parts found in many of TCI’s markets where finish quality and durability are critical.”