Surface-based applications are among the most demanding tasks in automotive and aerospace production where the use of robots for spraying applications is widely used and proven.

With new surface-based functionalities, FASTSUITE Edition 2 enables manufacturers to create, simulate and analyze spray applications and refine spray patterns, surface coverage, spray cone expansion and application speeds, FASTSUITE says. The software works regardless of the robot brand or model.

FASTSUITE says manufacturers can overcome the limitations of online programming by using the CAD files of the workpiece to achieve accurate path planning on complex 3D surfaces. Process simulation enables the optimization of robot trajectories to dose the correct amount of sprayed material and achieve uniform deposition along the surface, ensuring coverage and eliminating waste.

Simulation tools allow cell layouts and tooling designs to be validated for accessibility during the design phase, and cycle (time) estimates to be generated for complex multi-robot cells. The use of special tools to analyze the overall process result helps avoid programming errors and to validate programs before they are downloaded to a real cell. The simulation results of the created painting and surface treatment programs can be exported in 3D PDF format for fast and effective communication.