The deadline for submitting abstracts for SUR/FIN 2017 is close. Organizers have asked for all to be in by December 23. The event takes place from June 19-21 in Atlanta, GA, and is dedicated to providing attendees with the most recent, innovative and relative information devoted to this industry. Topics under consideration for SUR/FIN 2017 will include, but are not limited to: Advances in Surface Finishing Technology; Aerospace and Defense Technologies; Automotive (Decorative, Functional); Coatings for Electronics; REACH and other Environmental Regulations; Corrosion: Modeling, Testing, Databases; Light Materials Finishing; Mechanical & Electrochemical Finishing, Superfinishing; Zinc Nickel Alloys; Waste Management; Best Practices; and New Technologies (e.g. Additive Manufacturing, Research Topics). Abstracts are limited to 1000 characters, or about 150 words. A brief biography of each author is also requested. If accepted, abstracts will appear on the NASF SUR/FIN website. Questions regarding this process may be directed to: