Sun Chemical Performance Pigments is introducing new pigment shades that it says significantly expand the color options for coatings formulators. The intense color of the new red shade Quindo Violet 55 Quinacridone pigment is 10 units more chromatic than a similar shade in the Pigment Violet 19 color space. The company adds that it offers outstanding weatherability and lightfastness, while delivering exceptional levels of transparency. The company is also introducing a new yellow shade, Perrindo Maroon 179 high performance pigment, which features the benchmark transparency that is vital in producing modern, high chromatic metallic red automotive finishes. Complementing Sun Chemical’s extended family of red pigments is Fanchon Yellow 150. This can be used to prepare orange and red metallic finishes. Also new is Fanchon Orange 36, a high performance organic pigment with a high level of opacity and durability capable of replacing lead-based pigments in industrial mono-coat applications. A key benefit is that it is APEO-free.