Dymax Corp. has recently released Bomar BR-970H, a stain resistant oligomer with high modulus, ideal for 2D and 3D inkjet printing applications, as well as graphic art applications. As a low viscosity, difunctional, aliphatic urethane acrylate, BR-970H offers rapid cure and non-yellowing properties for higher optical clarity, and color stability for premium performance. Its low shrinkage (0.7 percent) during cure makes it ideal for 3D-printing applications where good mechanical properties and aesthetics are expected. Moreover, it provides low water absorption of 0.15, making it perfectly suitable for applications where 3D printed parts are exposed to high-humidity environments or washed with water- based solutions. In addition, it does not need blending with other oligomers to achieve a balance of toughness and flexibility. Compatible dispensing and curing equipment, as well as the option to use Dymax scaleup and manufacturing services are also available. www.dymax-oc.com