Sherwin-Williams has announced a new program designed to reduce the time it takes for powder finishers to match, receive, and apply powder.The Color Express program uses an affordable hand-held reader to match color against in powder products stocked at distribution centers and available at more than 70 Sherwin-Williams locations across North America. The combination of digital technology and locally stocked products can reduce the matching process from weeks down to a few days.  “Our customers often tell us the first shop to match a color wins the job,” said Tabitha McLeish, global product line director for Sherwin-Williams. “Pairing digital color matching technology along with Sherwin-Williams localized support and inventory can add speed to job coaters operations that can immediately have a positive impact on their business.”  The Sherwin-Williams ColorReaderPRO, powered by Datacolor, allows coaters to incorporate digital color match technology into their operation. The company says the device is simple, self-contained, and calibrated on site.  Job coaters benefit from improved match times, reduced inventory and the ability and improved customer response time. By implementing this technology paired with local in-stock inventory, coaters can reduce match and order times and begin a customer ’s job request in days instead of weeks.  The ColorReaderPRO is a handheld color matching and measurement tool that allows professionals to match or measure color in their operations onsite. The portable device works stand-alone or through the Datacolor ColorReaderPRO smartphone application to provide enhanced features, such as additional color information, fan deck visualization, or quality control, on a mobile device. The ColorReaderPRO is calibrated onsite and comes loaded with Sherwin-Williams in-stock powder product matches.  Technology to measure and match color has been available for some time. Devices, such as a spectrophotometer, can effectively measure and match color right on site. However, investing the space and the capital for purchasing and maintaining the equipment just isn’t possible. With advances in technology portable, accurate, and affordable color matching devices are now an option for any operation.  ColorReaderPRO currently supports the Powdura Color Card Program, with 121 in-stock products, and the RAL Powder Program, with 150 in-stock products. Additional in-stock products will be added to the Color Express powder program over time.