The new SATA filter 584 has been designed to offer maximum air purification and provides perfectly clean quality air and compressed air, SATA says.

Clean air is where it all begins. In paint application, this applies particularly to compressed air quality. Even the tiniest quantities of oil or dirt and increased levels of moisture can cause coating flaws leading to time-consuming, costly rework. Only compressed air that has been cleaned of such impurities produces perfect finishes that meet the strictest quality requirements.

Impeccable compressed air treatment is especially important when using self-contained breathing protection equipment, effectively protecting the user’s respiratory tract from paint mist and vapors.

Advantages of the three-stage SATA filter 584:

  • Higher adsorption of harmful substances (compared to SATA filter 484) with new sintered activated charcoal filter cartridge
  • Air flow with four connections approx. 3,800 Nl/min (135 cfm)
  • Filter timer as a reminder of the same maintenance intervals for all filter cartridges
  • Filter maintenance only necessary every six months for all stages
  • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback

Other filters in the 500 series include:

SATA filter 544 – two-stage combination filter: The same as SATA filter 584, but without activated charcoal. Using it with air-fed breathing protection equipment requires an additional belt-hung activated charcoal absorber.

SATA filter 524 – Single-stage sintered filter

SATA filter 564 – Single-stage activated charcoal filter activated charcoal filter for easy retrofitting to existing SATA filter 544