Sartomer Americas, a business unit of Arkema Inc., has released a booklet called Coatings Concepts. This free technical booklet contains six articles by industry experts to help compounders enhance their coatings formulations to advance performance in a wide variety of applications. It contains information on the Economics of UV Curing; Radiation-Curable Components and Their Use in Hard, Scratch-Resistant Coating Applications; the Influence of Various Matting Agents on Abrasion-Resistant UV-Cured Coatings; New UV PUDs Significantly Enhance Performance of Waterborne UV-Curable Coatings; One Hundred Percent Solids, Low Temperature Cure Epoxy Coatings; the Versatility of Peroxide Curing; and, How Does it Feel? Recent Advances in UV-Curable Soft Touch Coatings. Those interested can examine the booklet, and find other technical information, at: