SAMES KREMLIN recently launched its new Manual Airspray FPro Gravity, GSP, and Smart Cups disposable cups. The FPro Gravity is available in HVLP, LVLP and conventional technologies. The GSP gun is available as an add-on kit or fully assembled for high-viscosity products.

The company says the FPro Gravity delivers a very fine atomization and an even spray pattern which covers and penetrates recessed areas of the part while delivering a flat spray pattern without a blotchy effect.

The FPro Gravity can handle frequent color changes and has “the lightest trigger pull in the market with the innovative MAG-trigger. Operators will appreciate the lightweight gun, comfortable shape of the body, and a redesigned center of gravity,” the company adds.

Smart Cups are the new range of disposable cups designed to boost productivity by eliminating cup cleanup. They are compatible with all guns.

Materials can be mixed, sprayed and stored in the same cup. The round shape of the bottom of the disposable cup means mixing is more efficient because the stir stick fits closely to the curved liner, SAMES KREMLIN says. The  liner collapses due to suction during application so painters can easily check the paint level. Once the job is done, dispose of the paint without fear of spilling.