SAMES KREMLIN announced the release of its new Azur Airless Protective Coatings pumps and packages in January with a goal of expanding into the protective coatings market.

The new pump range will be available in two different versions; the 52C225 and the 72C160.

SAMES KREMLIN says features include:

  • Atomization: The air motor is pulsation-free which ensures stable fluid delivery in order to achieve consistent film build. In addition, the SFlow spray gun is embedded with dual diffuser technology to achieve a quality finish with less rework.
  • Operation in harsh and intensive conditions: Minimized icing potential, high suction power capacity and an air motor that does not stall.
  • Simple maintenance: A reduced number of components means maintenance minimized.
  • Comfort of use: With a quiet air motor, gun ergonomics and maneuverability, the goal is to maximize the comfort for the operator (soft trigger pull for less finger fatigue and 360-degree swivel fitting).