SAMES KREMLIN recently announced the release of its new 15C50 and 35C50 Airmix Pump packages.

The company says the 15C50 compact Airmix paint pump is a great match for Airmix spray guns, providing exceptional finish quality and high transfer efficiency. The C50 was redesigned to meet the needs of solvent-based coatings.

The 35C50 Airmix paint pump, it says, ensures constant and pulse-free delivery for superior, industrial finishing. SAMES KREMLIN says the 35C50 has the largest differential air motor on the market to meet the demand of water-based coatings.

Both pumps, the company says, provide an even spray pattern and consistent film build for superior finish quality, offer easy priming and flushing, have a differential air motor to adjust the pump for maximum air pressure, and offer a balanced fluid section and patented MBA cartridge sealing system.