Comfort Tech Industries, LLC announced the debut of its unique thermal paint additive, called Comfort Coat. This powerful, renewable and environmentally friendly product utilizes thermal storage molecules to stabilize room temperatures over a longer period of time. Boasting the ability to save money on utility bills, Comfort Coat’s President Gene Carr said, “It’s a dynamic, innovative, Green technology that reduces energy consumption between 10 per cent – 30 per cent by flattening the curve of peak load HVAC usage.” Tested and Certified under ASTM C177 Standards, Comfort Coat possesses the ability to deploy both radiant heating and radiant cooling cycles to maintain an average room temperature of between 72°F – 74°F. Exclusive to the market, Comfort Coat is not made from ceramic insulators or metallic heat reflecting particles. Engineered from a complex formula of biodegradable compounds, Comfort Coat is a powder that becomes seamless and invisible when mixed into any kind or color of interior paint.