Ransburg, a global leader in finishing technology for industrial applications, has enhanced its line of process controls with the MicroPak 2e.The Ransburg MicroPak 2e Controller provides proven control to keep systems running at peak performance. The system uses a combination of high voltage generation technology and microprocessor-based control for diagnostic and communication functions. “The unit is available in a compact, stand alone unit or single component that easily slides into a euro-rack or system,” according to Judy Lietzke, Ransburg Product Manager. “It also provides the ultimate in user friendly operation and the ability to change settings. It all adds up to providing protections for over voltage, over current, DI/DT and DV/DT.”  The MicroPak 2e is the perfect companion for Ransburg applicators including the company’s latest 500 Series RMA Rotary Applicators. In addition, with its new simplified, stand alone and compact design, the unit greatly reduces cost and installation time. Ransburg MicroPak 2e Features: • Cold Fire Processor • 12 digital Inputs • 18 digital outputs • 8 analog outputs configurable (4-20mA or 0-10V) • 7 analog inputs configurable (4-50mA or 0-10V) • 1 high speed pulse input • 2 high speed encoder inputs • Operational safety protections • Simplified controls • Simplified installation • Ethernet IP communication For further information about Ransburg industrial equipment and finishing solutions, visit the Ransburg website at www.ransburg.com and the Finishing Brands site at www.finishingbrands.com.