RadTech is launching an online course called UV/EB Chemistry Fundamentals. This free, email-based course features eight lessons sent in a weekly emailthat should take roughly 10 minutes to read. After the final lesson, RadTech will email a course completion certification that users can post on their LinkedIn profile. The first course’s lessons are: Lesson 1: What Is UV/EB Curing?
Lesson 2: Basic Chemistry of UV Curing;
Lesson 3: Basic Materials Used in UV/EB Curing;
Lesson 4: How Do Photoinitiators Work?
Lesson 5: Equipment Used in UV/EB Curing;
Lesson 6: Environmental Handling & Safety;
Lesson 7: Graphic Arts Applications;
Lesson 8: Industrial Applications
 Those interested in signing up for UV/EB Chemistry Fundamentals can visit: http://www.radtech.org/10-min-course