The Fischerscope ST200 is a progressive load scratch tester for analyzing the adhesion and cohesion strength of coatings according to ASTM C1624, ISO 20502, and DIN EN 1071-3.The instrument is used for measurement in development, quality assurance, incoming inspection and process control. Typical fields of application include: hard material coatings (PVD, CVD); automotive engine and drive train components; electroplated coatings (decorative, functional); characterization of hard anodic coatings; materials used specifically in medical technology applications; electronic components, connectors, bond wires, etc.; and plasma-applied coating systems. Features include various measurement modes (constant load, progressive load, incremental load); three analyzing methods (optical microscopy, friction force measurement and acoustic emission measurement); motor-driven XY-stage and Z-axis; and measurements on curved surfaces with motion feed-back control. The unit offers automatic image scans of the whole scratch, and has diamond indenters of various geometries as well as optical filters for contrast improvement. The tester has integrated electronics, and no external control unit is necessary. There are two microscope objectives that are optional, and four additional objectives. It offers data and image capturing over the whole scratch length, along with easy creation of test reports. Customized sample holders are optional.