September 14, 2021

Sun Chemical MotorcycleSun Chemical has launched a new Two-Wheeler Color Presentation that outlines trends and colors for formulations that will be developed in 2022-2025.

Sun Chemical says the program highlights chromatic and matte mono-coat shades. It includes 55 stylings, mainly based on a mono-coat system, though four stylings use a tinted clear coat system and seven stylings are painted with a multi-layer coating.

The company says mono-coat systems are rising in popularity compared to traditional two-coat systems due to simplicity and sustainability benefits. Two-wheeler manufacturers benefit from environmental and economic sustainability improvements by reducing the amount of time and energy to complete the simpler coating process. The biggest two-wheeler market is in the Asia-Pacific region, where mono-coat applications are especially fast-growing.

From a design perspective, two-wheeler manufacturers style vehicles differently than automotive OEMs counterparts. Bolder, more chromatic shades and matte stylings are very popular in the two-wheeler market, while durability requirements are not as stringent.

The company’s color forecasting highlights that a broad spectrum of colors are trending both online and offline, including achromatic colors, highly chromatic colors as well as pastels and velvets.

Alongside its new trends program, Sun Chemical has launched its Lumina Royal Sienna 9S290D and Lumina Royal Exterior Sienna S2903D, two grades of the new copper-shade effect pigment based on synthetic mica with a very high saturation level. As automotive coatings manufacturers demand bolder, more chromatic shades, Lumina Royal Sienna offers designers a creative instrument to develop the next generation of color stylings, the company says.