PPG has introduced PPG Spectracron 128 industrial shop primer, a fast-drying, low-volatile-organic-compound (VOC) primer designed for applicators seeking fast dry times and strong protection over steel substrates. With VOCs of only 2.8 lb per gallon, PPG Spectracron 128 shop primer meets stringent environmental regulations while delivering rust-inhibitive protection in corrosive environments. It is, the company says, an easy-to-use, single-component, high-solids primer for structural steel, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, material handling equipment and other miscellaneous metal fabrication applications. Available in gray and red oxide, PPG Spectracron 128 primer works well with PPG Spectracron FSC, Spectracron 100, Spectracron 110 and Spectracron 150 Series topcoats.  www.ppgtruefinish.com