Sun Chemical Performance Pigments has launched Benda-Lutz COMPAL WS, a range of highly concentrated, VOC-free aluminum preparations for coatings and inks.Designed for long term gassing stability in aqueous environments, this product range can be used in both water or solvent based systems, providing maximum formulation flexibility. Each grade of COMPAL WS preparations is delivered in an easily dispersible granular form for safe and easy handling, improved shelf stability, and numerous other advantages in transport. “In the midst of increasingly tighter environmental regulations on volatile organic compounds, our customers need pigment solutions that not only meet those regulations, but also help to develop manufacturing processes and finished goods with the highest level of workplace and transportation safety in mind,” said Michael Venturini, global marketing manager, coatings, Sun Chemical. “The non-hazardous COMPAL WS aluminum pigment concentrates help to meet those regulations. They are designed specifically for long term stability in waterborne coatings and inks that allow for the manufacture of low to zero VOC, sustainable coatings.” The solvent-free COMPAL WS pigments are nonflammable and therefore present numerous advantages in terms of shipping, storage, handling and dosing. Both leafing and non-leafing pigment intermediates have been developed and can be applied to both cornflake and silver dollar types to provide a wide range of optical effects including high metallic sparkle for straight silver or tinted industrial coatings.