PPG received the FutureEdge 50 and CIO 100 awards from IDG’s CIO magazine in June. The award was given to PPG for its ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT (AIM) system, which was introduced in the U.S. and Canada last year. Created for PPG’s protective and marine coatings (PMC) business, the software-based program uses proprietary algorithms to help facility owners, managers and engineers schedule, budget and optimize corrosion protection of metal assets. “The FutureEdge 50 award highlights PPG’s commitment to using information technology (IT) to help customers maximize their coatings investments,” says Scott Doering, PPG director of sales, PMC, U.S. “While some companies offer corrosion audit programs that help customers actively manage assets, the PPG AIM system is the first that we know of to feature dynamic budgeting and scheduling capabilities.”  These capabilities enable maintenance engineers to more accurately forecast which assets will require a new coating or surface repair and when that work must be done. The software also estimates inflation-adjusted costs for when those repairs are expected to take place. This is the fifth time PPG has received a CIO Award. “The achievement showcases PPG’s legacy of IT innovation,” says Jeff Lipniskis, PPG Global Director, Information Technology. “We are proud to be recognized for this prestigious honor, but even more so for our team’s ability to continuously innovate and develop advanced digital solutions that help our customers meet the challenges of doing business in their industries.” www.ppgpmc.com/aim