PPG’s industrial coatings business has introduced Spectracron SPU conductive and non-conductive urethane primers. The company says these are the first products of their kind to be engineered for application over multiple plastic substrates, such as Metton LMR (liquid molding resin) and sheet-molded composite (SMC) plastics. Scott Laney, PPG liquid products manager, industrial coatings, said Spectracron SPU is a major advance in primer technology because it enables heavy-duty equipment (HDE) and automotive component manufacturers to prime parts made from multiple plastic substrates with a single product.  “OEMs and their tier suppliers traditionally have prepped multi-plastic parts with multiple primers, adding time and complication to the production process and increasing the potential for quality problems,” he explained. “PPG’s new Spectracron SPU urethane primers deliver excellent performance on most types of plastic used in the heavy-duty equipment and transportation industries.” In addition to being compatible with a wide range of plastic substrates, this new primer reduces wet-on-wet times to three minutes, allowing manufacturers to finish parts several minutes sooner than is possible with other conductive plastic primers. Spectracron SPU non-conductive and the PACCAR-approved conductive primer are formulated to harmonize with PPG’s OEM-approved two-component (2K) topcoat, giving manufacturers the option to streamline their inventories by stocking an integrated primer and coatings system from a single supplier. www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com