PPG has introduced PPG Aquacron 200 and 100 coatings, which are designed to meet the unique challenges facing shed and barn manufacturers. PPG Aquacron 200 waterborne acrylic urethane enamels deliver a rustic aesthetic and, the company says, excellent substrate protection. They are available in both solid and semi-transparent colors that create stain-like finishes on a variety of primed substrates, including engineered, pre-primed boards such as LP Smartside and DuraTemp products. PPG Aquacron 100 acrylic enamels provide ease of application with excellent sag resistance. Available in a palette of solid colors, they are designed for substrates that include LP Smartside, DuraTemp and other engineered, pre-primed boards, as well as T-111 wood siding.  Both Aquacron 200 and Aquacron 100 coatings are available in popular ready-mix colors, or they can be custom-tinted to more than 1,800 hues from The Voice of Color palette by PPG. www.ppgtruefinish.com