PPG Industries’ (Pittsburgh, PA) coil and building products group has introduced Duraform polyester coil coatings. The Duraform line, which builds on and replaces the Truform family of polyester coatings, encompasses seven industry-specific formulations, including Duraform AP coatings for appliances; Duraform BP coatings for building products; Duraform CP coatings for consumer products; Duraform DR coatings for doors; Duraform HV coatings for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment components; Duraform LF coatings for lighting fixtures; and Duraform TR coatings for transportation equipment. Brian Rearick, PPG technical manager, building products, stated that Duraform polyester coatings are engineered with a proprietary star-shaped polymer that provides 10-percent higher solids, better hardness, increased flexibility and other benefits that enable it to outperform conventional polyester coatings formulations. “The polymers in Duraform coatings cluster in a tighter formation than in traditional, linear polymer chains,” Rearick explained. “As a result, the coatings possess superior crosslink characteristics, which ultimately cause the coatings to bond more strongly to metal substrates.” www.ppgideascapes.com