The new DTX 2400 Series DC power supplies from Dynatronix, Inc. includes models with outputs of zero to 24 volts at zero to 100 amps, and zero to100 volts at zero to 24 amps.  Output is limited to a maximum of 2400 watts DC, and five different DTX models are available.  Typical applications include electroplating, electro-polishing, anodizing, waste water treatment and cathodic protection. Using FPGA controls for increased flexibility, reliability and control, the DTX Series offers features such as a menu-driven 4.3-in. full-color display, ampere time totalizer, ampere time, real time and manual cycle control options, visual tolerance alarms, fault detection and Ethernet/IP or analog communications. With universal input, the DTX 2400 Series will operate on 100 to 240, 47 to 63Hz, single phase AC input. The FPGA controller automatically detects the incoming power levels and optimizes the power supply to gain the most efficiency.  The power factor is 0.99 minimum for full load operation, and ripple is < one percent RMS of peak rated output. When connected to 120VAC, the maximum output of the DTX 2400 is limited to 1200 watts. The Dynatronix DTX 2400 Series package measures just 3.43 x 8.45 x 18 in., (HWD), excluding connections on the rear of the unit. The enclosure is made of powder-coated aluminum and environmentally sealed to protect the critical electronics from harsh environments.  Sealed output and communications connections on the rear of the DTX add to its robustness, ensuring long life in tough conditions.  Each DTX power supply weighs only 11 lb.  The DTX 2400 Series will carry ETL, CE and CSA certifications.