Paint removal from grates and jigs is a particular challenge in industrial automotive applications, given the volumes involved. Often, production lines must be completely halted for multi-cycle, high-water-pressure cleaning of grates, which is both time- and energy-intensive. The alternative – high-temperature carbonization cleaning – is generally done off-site, leading to production downtime, and can damage the grates’ zinc coating. Plasmatreat has worked in conjunction with Fraunhofer IFAM to develop a plasma-based solution to this problem, and is now commercializing PermaCLEANPLAS coating. This is a permanent paint release coating that facilitates the removal of overspray that occurs in high-volume paint coating industries, such as automotive. The company says it reduces the time and energy needed for paint removal, needing 500 bar as opposed to 2500 bar water pressure. It performs thorough cleaning in a single cycle, and is appropriate for complex geometries. It is solvent resistant, colorless and transparent, and is stable up to 300 deg. C. Cleaning can be performed inside the factory, which means no contamination and less production downtime. And the coating remains functional after over 1000 cleaning cycles. PermaCLEANPLAS is applied via a low-pressure, cold-coating plasma deposition process to clean, rust-free surfaces. It can be used for both aqueous paint coatings and powder coatings (if cured), and on various substrates, including hot-dipped or galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, and powder-coated components.