Ebecryl 5849 resin is the latest addition to Allnex’s portfolio of energy-curable polyester acrylates. This new resin is plant‐based, and is thus made mostly from bio‐preferred materials. It can be formulated for either UV LED-cured coatings or 100 percent sprayable formulations. The resin is a multi‐functional polyester acrylate that provides cured films with good hardness and scratch resistance. The product shows excellent thermal and mechanical properties combined with low viscosity, high cure speed and hardness. These properties make it ideal for use in OPVs, flexo inks and matte, scratch-resistant topcoats for parquet as well as for high gloss, pigmented, 100 percent sprayable furniture applications. Ebecryl 5849 can be cured either by EB, UV or UV LED light. The resin consists of 56 percent of renewable content, allowing formulators to incorporate it into their bio‐preferred inks and coatings. “Especially for UV LED cured applications, Ebecryl 5849 has shown outstanding results in terms of reactivity and properties of the final coating,“ says Marie‐Astrid Goes, global marketing manager at Allnex. “Ebecryl 5849 is not just a high performance resin with unique properties. Due to its high content of renewable raw materials, its development underlines Allnex’s commitment to meet the industry’s sustainability goals.” www.allnex.com