Phthalates are back in the news as the Federal Government moves to broaden its risk assessment process for these substances. The Canadian Paint & Coatings Association has notified members that at the end of July, the government published its Proposed Approach for Cumulative Risk Assessment of Phthalates, for a 60-day public comment period ending September 30, 2015. This was issued  along with four State of the Science Reports related to short-chain phthalates, medium-chain phthalates, long-chain phthalates, and the special case of DINP (diisononyl phthalate). This is being considered as a medium-chain phthalate for the purposes of the health review, and as a long-chain phthalate for the purposes of the ecological review. Due to the possibility that some phthalate substances may have common health effects of concern, the potential for cumulative risk from combined exposure to these substances was addressed by expanding the scope of the Phthalates Grouping from the original 14 phthalates to include an additional 14, including three previously assessed under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999: dibutyl phthalate [DBP], butyl benzyl phthalate [BBP], and diethyl hexyl phthalates [DEHP]. Other phthalates on the Domestic Substances List, or those that have been notified for use in Canada under the New Substances Notification Regulations (Chemicals and Polymers) may also be considered in the cumulative risk assessment. Full copies of the State of the Science (SOS) reports can be requested from the government’s Substances Management Information Line. All formal comments on the approach and four reports must be sent to the same e-mail address prior to September 30. The proposed approaches to assessing phthalates were presented to stakeholders at a multi-stakeholder technical workshop in March 2014 to obtain their input. The CPCA reports that stakeholders were generally supportive of the proposed approaches, and expressed a strong interest in providing scientific input. Further to feedback received during the workshop and in consideration of the complex scientific issues, and recent international developments on phthalates, the original risk assessment timelines for the Phthalates Substance Grouping were adjusted by one year. The additional activity of releasing State of the Science (SOS) Reports and a Cumulative Risk Assessment (CRA) approach was undertaken to solicit input on the science prior to publication of a Draft Screening Assessment Report (DSAR), including an assessment of cumulative risk. The DSAR is tentatively planned for publication in the summer of 2016. CPCA is asking all members using or selling phthalates for paint formulations to carefully review the proposed approach and four State of Science (SOS) reports. The reports will be posted for members only, for reference. Members of the association are invited to share any concerns and comments thy have on the proposed approach and SOS reports with CPCA prior to September 21. If deemed necessary, CPCA will file comments on their behalf, in addition to comments on behalf of the membership generally.