The Phascope Paint is a probe in pen design which can be used to measure non-destructive coating thickness of non-conductive coating materials on steel or iron and on non-ferrous metals. Use the probe Phascope Paint for capturing your measurements and then use the Phascope Paint app for viewing, analyzing and reporting data on a smart phone or tablet. The measurements conform to standards DIN EN ISO 2360, ASTM D7091, DIN EN ISO 2178 and DIN EN ISO 21968. The company says the product is ideal for on-site applications due to its small size, light weight, robust, and durable probe design. Other features include easy operation of the app on a smart phone or tablet; specimens’ shape and permeability have a comparatively low influence on the measurement results; conductivity compensation for measurements on non-magnetic substrate materials; and applicable for measurements on both smooth and rough surfaces.