Enthone is proud to announce yet another approval of a Perma SHIELD 1000 zinc-nickel system by General Motors to meet the newly revised GMW4700 Zinc Nickel Type B requirement. The approval was granted by GM to meet the growing application of zinc nickel on calipers, and includes the following processes: This approved Perma SHIELD 1000 system incorporates ENSEAL 125, a completely inorganic sealant technology specially engineered for brake calipers and other cast iron components. The sealant is compatible with both DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids, and is optimized to seal zinc and zinc alloy coatings. Perma SHIELD 1000 systems provide superior corrosion protection to red rust, while also demonstrating exceptional performance to white corrosion. Applicators have achieved substantial productivity gains as a result of dramatically reduced plating times on high hardness parts due to the system’s exceptional initiation and efficiency. www.enthone.com/brakes