Using infrared technology, the Elcometer 3045 provides a fully automated Persoz or König pendulum hardness test with no human intervention, ensuring accurate, repeatable results. The pendulum fits onto the loading pins, a sample is loaded, and the door is closed. The pendulum automatically moves to the start position, the sample table rises and the test begins. The unit offers infrared optical measurements of oscillations, and a dual-axis, bubble-level indicator ensures accuracy. The maximum sample size 200 x 110 x 14mm (7.85 x 4.33 x 0.55 in.) The 3035 performs a full calibration routine, and automatically adjusts the unit to meet the specified standard. It has a simple, menu-driven operation in multiple languages. With an integrated bubble level on the specimen table, users can quickly identify whether or not the specimen table is correctly aligned and if required, simply
adjust the rotating feet at the base of the unit. The casing is sturdy, dustproof, and robust, ensuring a stable environment for tests. The rigid Perspex door allows easy access for sample positioning, and if it is opened during a test, a warning signal alerts the user and the test stops. The test will not begin again until the instrument is reset. 
 A batch memory stores all test data for output to PC via ElcoMaster data management software. The unit can be used in accordance with: ASTM D 4366, BS 3900 E5, DIN 53157, ISO 1522, NF T30-016.