AkzoNobel is introducing a new system that it says will empower customers in the pre-coated metal industry to create coatings of any gloss or color on the spot. The system uses specially adapted technology to analyze color samples and then mix pigmented pastes. AkzoNobel says that the system can create a coating formula for laboratory testing or a production run in just two hours. Challenges arise for manufacturers of pre-coated metals when they’re faced with producing small and large batches of different coatings in a variety of colors. The company says its Pevicoat Paint Management System solves those challenges with a device placed beside the production line, producing any coating necessary right away, which the company notes should save time and money. “The Pevicoat system introduces a huge degree of flexibility for our customers,” said Simon Parker, managing director of AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings. “The coil coater will have a small paint factory right alongside their production line. “This means they can quickly switch between different gloss levels and different colors. It also means they can be highly efficient because there is less waste on the line, a huge benefit for our customers.” www.akzonobel.com