Nordson Corporation introduces a complete line of liquid diaphragm pumps designed to maximize efficiency, compatibility and economy in many applications. Nordson diaphragm pumps are engineered for low-pressure applications and can handle even the most abrasive or shear-sensitive materials. These self-priming pumps run at variable flow rates controlled by air pressure or fluid back pressure regulation and are available with a variety of accessories. Nordson liquid diaphragm pumps incorporate design features that provide simple, reliable operation. Their unbalanced air valve design eliminates valve centering and pump stall-out, even under low air inlet pressure. Other benefits include: Higher productivity – the combination of maximized flow rates and minimized pulsation and air consumption optimize performance. Highly versatile – multiple porting capabilities allow pump customization to meet specific application needs. Extreme reliability – lube-free air valves provide worry-free operation. Environmentally sound – bolted construction in conjunction with wetted material options provides maximum chemical and leak resistance. Easy serviceability – modular construction, reduced parts count and simple repair kits minimize downtime and costs Available in various sizes and flow rates, Nordson diaphragm pumps provide high performance in a complete range of liquid applications – from manual spray guns to full paint kitchens. They are compatible with a variety of coatings, including solvent-based, water-based, UV curable, abrasive materials and plural component materials. Nordson diaphragm pumps are available with a wide range of accessories, including air line kits, siphon hoses and tubes, wall mount brackets, container covers, agitators, lifts and adapters.