If you know someone you think has made a significant contribution within the electroplating industry. Products Finishing magazine wants to hear from you. It says it’s committed to recognizing historically significant individuals who were instrumental in the development and growth of the electroplating industry, and its panel of industry experts will annually select a class for induction into the Electroplating Hall of Fame. Nominations must follow the following criteria: The nominee significantly improved electroplating efficiency and productivity through their process or technology innovations. The nominee established widely-accepted best practices in electroplating areas such (but not limited to) applications, product development, quality, safety or supply chain and logistics The nominee set new standards for electroplating in areas such as innovation, technology and industry education. The nominee influenced, supported and advocating for the electroplating industry through their research, writing, activism, policies or thought leadership. The nominee promoted and advanced the electroplating industry through volunteer efforts in local chapters and national committees. Nominations will be accepted until December 1. If you have questions, email Tim.Pennington@PFOnline.com. The application form is at: www.pfonline.com