Nix Sensor Ltd. Is launching the Nix Spectro 2, a professional-grade, accessible, and cost-effective spectrophotometer it says offers a new way for industry professionals to capture and communicate spectral data.

“The product development and engineering teams at Nix have been listening closely to the needs of our customers around the world and the message is clear; paint matching and custom formulation must be brought to the masses, especially in the COVID-19 era,” says Matthew Sheridan, CEO and Founder, Nix Sensor Ltd. “Brands must also extend outside of their traditional retail settings if they want to stay competitive. To accomplish this, we needed to build a device that is not only portable, durable, and accurate, but most importantly, easy to use. I am proud to say that we have achieved all of these goals and more with the Spectro 2. I’m excited to see how this technology will once again revolutionize the retail/online paint experience.”

Nix says the Spectro 2 is the only portable spectrophotometer of its kind to capture spectral data across 31 channels (10nm bins over 400-700nm) while being durable enough to be used on a job site and easy enough to be used by a homeowner.

Smaller than a tennis ball and made from solid aluminum, the device’s portability will usher in a new era of “on-site” color matches, formulation and color communication, Nix says. “Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and by software tools like Nix Sensor Ltd.’s Paint With CHIP app (, we expect the disruption of the traditional retail paint model to continue to accelerate throughout 2021 and beyond,” the company says.