Gema has introduced the newest version of the OptiFlex2 F Spray manual unit. This is designed for applications that require high film builds or precise and constant powder outputs, where long powder hoses are used. By incorporating the OptiSpray AP01 application pump in conjunction with Gema’s proven OptiFlex2 Series gun and control, the company says, users will experience excellent coating consistency and quality. The unit’s single-chamber design based on Gema’s SIT (Smart Inline Technology) concept. This configuration guarantees a constant and reproducible coating result over a long period of time, even with challenging powders. The use of the OptiSpray AP01 unit enables easy and quick color changes and powder savings of up to a reorted 15 percent. The OptiFlex2 F Spray manual unit is available in different configurations for various applications. The OptiFlex2 F Spray version with one AP01 pump achieves a powder output of up to 300 g/min. The model version with two AP01 pumps handles a powder output of up to 600 g/min and is recommended for heavy-duty corrosion protection applications and the coating of pre-heated parts.